CN’s Tanks Cars Shuffled for Biofuel Credits

As reported by CBC early in December, there had been a mystery train running biodiesel between Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan in June 2010. It was known from their report that there were three companies involved Bioversel Canada Inc., the long-lost Canadian Shipper and two companies from US, HeroBX and Northern Biodiesel. It is believed same tank cars were shuffled back and forth without even unloading, carrying biodiesel to US and bringing back ethanol to Bioversel

They further report that there has been huge gains in terms of biofuel credits to both sides, where CN played the major role of transferring cars back and forth. According to CN employees, their managers informed to have undertaken this act for money-making purposes. As this incident still remains a mystery, it should not be denied that all this has been raised by CNC merely on speculations and that there is no hardcore proof to support what they claim.


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