CN’s Train of Biodiesel Scam Made Millions With No Cargo Unloading

The investigation by CBC News, exposed a cross-border mystery which majorly involved unknown shipments of rail tanks of the train biodiesel sent from pole to pillar many times between Canada and the U.S. by CN Rail but were never unloaded. When CBC journalists reached Spokesman of CN he said that they were obliged to do this as it was assigned by their customers and were paid a good amount as well. However it has not been clear that this was an act of fraudulence and the spokesman commented they have nothing more to comment on such claims.

To spice up the news CBC also mention in its so called reports that one of the employee of CN said that in his 25 years of service he has never done something like that. In fact CNC comes upfront to say that the same employee commented it was a money grab opportunity for CN rail.


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